BACP coachingThe Epsom Counselling Service offers a focused Life Coaching program with an accredited member of the BACP (Coaching Division).

The program facilitates successful resolutions, focusing through self awareness, on personal, domestic or work related issues.

A goal-orientated approach to personal & professional development

The key to successful personal and professional development is the ability to make constructive decisions.

Decision-making is unavoidable and it’s worth considering that doing nothing is a decision too.

Sometimes there are clues, not always wholly visible, that our choices/decisions may not be going too well. This means our feelings, or those of others towards us can become negative and undermining.

Consequences, immediate or slow-burning, can be challenging, undermining and sometimes calamitous.

It’s impossible to avoid decisions, so our personal and professional success depends on making good ones!

Self Awareness improves outcomes from at least five perspectives:

  • Considering the options and potential consequences of a current, ongoing dilemma
  • Reviewing or reconsidering the management of  the reoccurring impact of a past choice
  • Developing a ‘hazard’ awareness, a personal mapping,  for future decisions
  • Tracking the influences within the individual’s decision-making process
  • The Bigger Picture! Maintaining ongoing personal development, promoting self awareness

Self, Busy-Ness, and Others

Being in the world can be divided into three arenas:

arenas for life coaching

The arenas overlap because they are inter-dependent. They can then be further subdivided.

Self Awareness considers choices within each arena whilst accounting for their inter-relatedness. This provides a straightforward and easily understood basis for the work.

The Coaching process strives to improve outcomes for clients as Self Awareness develops.

Promoting Successful Coping Strategies

Life isn’t as straightforward as we might wish it to be. It probably never has been and this modern world presents innumerable challenges. It requires courage to admit when we are not mastering the ‘Art of Living’ and constructive change requires commitment.

Life Coaching and Self Awareness encourages us to be more accepting of self and others, enabling and enabled.

life coaching - key stages

Self Awareness Solutions – A program in four stages

Life Coaching Meetings

The above illustration shows the key stages of the life coaching program. Those four stages, with an introductory and concluding session, suggest a normal expectation of six meetings.

Each meeting is scheduled for ninety minutes, on a regular basis, e.g. weekly/fortnightly/monthly. The fee is £150. Travel for meetings not at the Epsom office is charged at £55 per hour plus travel costs.

It’s a collaborative process. The practitioner, a member of the Coaching Division of the BACP, leads the way, supporting the client through the work. The focus is on the present and future but can look into the client’s past.

The program is informed from psychological, psychotherapeutic, neuroscientific and philosophical perspectives. Further reading, references and resources are offered and encouraged.

Whilst the program has a goal-orientated framework, there is space for adaptations as part of the ongoing collaborative process.

Resolutions are realistic and pragmatic, and account for each individual’s personal circumstances.

What’s the next step to embark on Life Coaching?

To book your introductory session, call the ECS service manager on 07719 346657 or complete our Contact Us form.