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Our Professional/Peer Support Groups are held monthly, at the same time and venue, Coppa restaurant in Cobham

An opportunity to discuss, in confidence, dilemmas and problems arising from client-work.

General Peer Support Group – Fourth Tuesday of the month, coming later in 2023

A place to discuss themes and matters that concern being a therapist. This could be financing/building your practice, networking, or general dilemmas. Alternatively, conversation may be prompted by current affairs, reading/media material, or anything else that might be of interest.

General information

Monthly at the same time and day.

Each group will be supported by its own WhatsApp group for attendance and practical matters.

These groups are set-up to promote training facilitation for in-training or qualified practitioners.

There will be no CPD certificates given for attendance, but most regulatory bodies would accept participation as part of peer supervision requirements.


The groups are semi-formal, and are of a ‘drop-in’ nature. Numbers will be organised through the supporting WhatsApp group to ensure that they are limited appropriately. This is to retain an informal, chatty atmosphere, and to ensure integrity. Numbers will be limited to eight and attendance booked in advance through Eventbrite.

We welcome any feedback on the above. Please contact Sophie on or via WhatsApp.


Dedicated Epsom Counselling Service Facebook page

We are now in the process of developing our new Facebook page and group. It will used to review and preview workshops, training opportunities and ECS matters. We would welcome likes and followers.

At the ECS, we are committed to providing opportunities for counselling and psychotherapy professionals to continue their personal development.

Every “toad” needs a “heron”…

Many practitioners will be familiar with Robert de Board’s book, “Counselling for Toads” which used the character Toad, from the novel Wind in the Willows, as a client in therapy, with his counsellor called Heron.

The theme suggests that as we grow we learn about self and our relatedness to others, noting the powerful influence of past relationships and their possible impact presenting in the here and now.

As adults, we can choose to learn, pro-actively, more about our inner self and the outer world. This growth can be reparative.

Learning is a lifelong task – and is an active process.

Details of forthcoming events that may be of interest to professional practitioners can be found on the seminars, workshop and lecture page as well as in Therapy Today. A CPD certificate will be available (as appropriate) for those practitioners that request one.