The ECS offers individual counselling and therapy both as a support – as part of recovery after a crisis, trauma or difficult times, as well as a psychotherapeutic process – to reflect on, and implement, wider choices in engaging with life.

Space to reflect

Consider for a moment what it is like when you are having a difficult time, or have a particular problem – would it be useful to talk it through and share the burden?

The following thoughts may pass through your mind…

“… My friends are too busy with their own problems to burden them with mine…”  or  “…They’ll just try to sort everything out, to make it all seem better…”

 “…What if I start crying,  get interrupted in the middle of my story or I upset the person I’m speaking to…”

How about “…I feel so ashamed – how can I face that person again?”


Perhaps you just need somewhere to think things through, reflect, express your feelings and have someone to listen?

The ECS provides professional counselling and therapy by people trained to understand these difficulties. They will work to meet your needs, at your pace and non-directively – with the intention of enabling you to meet life’s challenges more effectively.

Clients come presenting a wide range of difficulties some of which are listed below:

Choosing the path of personal contentment
  • depression and low mood
  • stress at work and/or home
  • relationship difficulties
  • intimacy, sexual expression & sexuality
  • anxiety and/or panic attacks
  • anger management
  • concerns over money/debt
  • personal development
  • a feeling of emptiness
  • sexual abuse and assault
  • bereavement and loss
  • parenting/child behaviour
  • low self esteem/ self worth
  • unable to make choices
  • transitions

If you would like someone to listen to you, once a week, in a safe, confidential environment (in person or by video/phone link), exploring the thoughts and feelings arising from your difficulties, then individual counselling could be what you are looking for. You can contact the Counselling Service, in complete confidence, using the contact details provided on the right of this page or via our Contact Us form.